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Efficient ground handling services at your destination can be equally important as the flight itself. We have many years of experience in dealing with ground handling equipment's  suppliers around the world and can recommend and arrange the handling appropriate for your flight. Credit facilities for approved clients are also available. It is not what you know, but who you know that makes for a smooth experience.
world aviation services arrange the follows :

-  Ground power unit /GPU  
-  Air starter unit   / ASU
-  Air  condition unit / ACU  
- Toilet Service    
- Water Service    
- Aircraft internal cleaning    
- Aircraft Push back & Towing    
- Passengers steps   
- Maintenance steps    
- VIP Ramp transportation    
- VIP Lounge ( Arrival & Departure )   
- VIP customs & Immigration    
- VIP Catering    
- A/C security    
- Load /Off Load      
- Passengers counter check in  ( charter & regular flights )   
- Lost & found    
- Ambulance  flights  coordination


In most countries, flight plans are required for flights under instrument flight rules. Under visual flight rules, they are optional unless crossing national borders, however they are highly recommended, especially when flying over inhospitable areas, such as water, Providing an accurate flight plan is one of our main concerns, where flying the shortest distance,for fuel and time savings, play a major role in successful flight operations, Our experienced team will have your precise flight plan filled and ready for you in the shortest time possible with highly competitive prices.


Through our good relationships with all kind of the hotels through our handling network , we are able to arrange suitable hotel accommodation for both flight crew and passengers if required, often at preferential rates


  • Counter check in
  • Automated check-in DCS and Amadeus System
  • Automated & Manual baggage label
  • Baggage's security screen
  • LDM
  • Lost & Found
  • Ramp Operations


  • VIP Passengers Lounge
  • VIP Passengers ramp transportation
  • Crew ramp transportation
  • Baggage's handling with security facilities arrival / Departure
  • VIP customs & Immigrations
  • VIP passengers transportation from/to airport
  • Crew transportation from/to airport
  • Passengers visa
  • Crew visa